Bruce Farr

Principal of Lakes Region Technology Center

Job:  To ensure the students from our community and sending schools have a successful experience here at the Lakes Region Technology Center as  they prepare themselves for their post-secondary experiences whether it be college, military or directly into the workforce.

Michael Roush

Student Services Coordinator of Lakes Region Technology Center

Job: My position as Student Services Coordinator has many different responsibilities. I serve as liaison to all sending schools that attend LRTC; assist in public relations; facilitate staff needs; and work with Mr. Farr, Principal in the day to day operation of the Technology Center.

Joan Loonam

Vocational Secretary, and
Coordinator of Adult Education of Lakes Region Technology Center

Job:  My job here at the Technology Center changes every day and that helps to make it very interesting. After 40 years I think I'm finally getting it down pat! Being able to assist the staff and students as they come into the office is something that I really enjoy. Whether it is getting supplies for student projects, helping students keep track of permission slips or answering parental phone calls, it all makes the day go by quickly. So many students have attended The Center during these past years, it's always hard to see each class leave, but I know the skills they have gained here will serve them well in the future.