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The Business & Information Technology Department believes that all students should receive a business education in order to develop academically as inquisitive, critical, independent, and cooperative learners. This education should be meaningful, thus enabling the student to become aware of his/her capabilities and potentials while aiding in the establishing of realistic career goals. This education should provide the groundwork for the development of a confident, knowledgeable person who understands the dignity of the workplace and who will have the skills to be successful in college and the world of work.

The Business & Information Technology Department views its overall goals as the following:

To provide students with the necessary skills in order for them to be successful in an electronic world.To enable students to communicate effectively for personal/business use.To provide an enthusiastic and creative learning environment where students can develop their individual talents and abilities.To provide an educational environment that meets the individual needs of the student and where students can gain self-confidence, take responsibility, experience a leadership role, FBLA or Yearbook Committee Chairperson and prepare to participate in a democratic society. To aid students in developing realistic personal/career goals.To provide students with the opportunity to work with up-to-date electronic equipment while performing personal or job related tasks.To develop appropriate attitudes and behavior for personal and business success The Business & Information Technology Department offers a variety of courses for all levels of student from a typical 9th grade course of Office Software Applications to Ethical Issues to graphic design courses like Desktop Publishing and Administrative Business & Office Systems.

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