Computer Network Systems

Computer Network Systems I and II:

Computer networks and related computer technology surround us and are expanding at an increasing rate. The broad field of Information Technology (IT) is expanding and in need of individuals with skills related to computers and computer network systems. The Cisco Academy initiative is a worldwide educational program designed to prepare individuals for entrance into the IT field. Career opportunities are abundant for individuals with skills related to computer implementation, computer network installation, maintenance, administration and design. The Cisco Academy curriculum prepares individuals for the world wide recognized CCNA certification. With this certification individuals earning the certificate have demonstrated they have achieved an industry standard and have obtained a benchmark of competencies. Students enrolled in the Computer Network Systems course will be exposed to a wide variety of experiences including computer repair and configuration, network hardware and installation, documentation and web page/server development. Students enrolled in the Computer Network Systems program are eligible to enroll in the Running Start program enabling them to begin working toward a certificate or associates degree through the New Hampshire Community Technical College system. The credits earned are transferable to accepting colleges.Computer Network Systems meets for one 90-minute block per day and is offered as both a College Tech Prep and Honors level course. The curriculum is rigorous and demanding while being rewarding for those individuals interested in computer related technologies.Part of Skills U.S.A