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The programs at the Lakes Region Technology Center provide the bridge between an individual and work. To be successfully employed is to be able to participate in the main stream of today's society. Career and Technical Education promotes the concept that one's occupation is a major force in life. It assists in the development of those human skills necessary for success in life, and creates a better understanding of the contributions one can and should make to create a better society.

Career and Technical Education is that component of education which encompasses those learning goals and experiences leading to economic independence for individuals and a trained labor force for the nation. Career and Technical Education provides opportunities for students to develop skills required to enter employment, to gain technical knowledge for advanced education, to update skills if their jobs have become obsolete because of technological changes, and to upgrade their skills when they wish to seek advancement in their present occupation. Career and Technical Education prepares people for work by maintaining, extending, and improving existing programs and developing new ones to meet the changing needs of society.

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