Marketing Education

Marketing Education I, II, and III:

Marketing Education includes a wide variety of career preparation activities. It is designed to provide the basic skills and knowledge required for job placement in one or more of the marketing functions. These marketing functions include: buying, selling, storing, transporting, financing, merchandising, pricing and marketing research as performed by managers and employees of various retail, wholesale and service businesses. Topics in the first year of the Marketing Education program include basic selling, employability, and communication skills, retail mathematics, visual display, and customer services. In Level II, students will learn supervision, selling, merchandising, and advertising techniques, as well as business planning, store location, layout and organizations. Individual project work will be arranged so that students may specialize in any particular area that meets his/her needs desires, and personal goals.Students will acquire skills and knowledge of these functions through classroom instruction, group and individual projects, the operation of "Lab-Business" and DECA, - "An Association of Marketing Students". All students are required to demonstrate skills attainment through effective and efficient participation in "The Pro Depot", the school store. Marketing II students will continue to learn retail store operation, but at the management level, where supervisory skills will be a major focus. They will also have the opportunity to become involved in the Hospitality Marketing Management Program, which may include work based learning opportunities through STW as well as an opportunity for national certification.

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