The Govenor Wentworth Regional School District believes in the importance of developmentally appropriate physical activity as well as proper nutrition as ways of promting healthy lifestyles. Health and student success are inter-related, therefore we are developing an environment in which we can educate students how to create an active and healthy lifestyle for themselves in the future.

The Wellness Resource Guide has been developed to assist teachers and families in promoting health and wellness. In this guide you will find ideas on classroom activities, family activities, recipes, and how to intergrate wellness into your classroom and home.



Teacher's Guide

Ideas for intergratng physical activity into your classroom that will help your students' abilitiy to learn. Here you can find examples, links and related resources.



Family Guide

You can find fun and exciting activiites to do with your family. From physical actiivities to get your family moving to healthy and delicious recipes.




Research & Resources

Here you will find current research and resources that suggests the importance of physcial activity and proper nutrtion to create healthy lifestyles.



Created By: Katie West & Ali Hoffman

Maintained By: GWRSD Wellness Committee