State of NH  
Youth Employment Information

NH Department of Labor mandates that all youth under the age of 16 obtain a New Hampshire Youth Employment Certificate also known as "working papers" if employed. The KRHS Guidance Department serves as a site to obtain working papers. Please review the NH Department of Labor Guidelines for further detail.

Working papers can only be obtained AFTER a student has secured employment. The employer should provide the student a completed "Employer Request to Employ" form. The student and his or her parent/guardian brings this completed form to the KRHS Guidance Office during office hours to obtain a NH Youth Employment Certificate. A parent/guardian must be present at the time of issue, as the guidance department staff must witness a parent/guardian signature on this certificate according to the NH Department of Labor. Students who are currently enrolled at KRHS do not need to have a birth certificate as this is on file in the student records. (Note: Students attending KRMS, private schools, and/or are home schooled, must bring a copy of their birth certificate at the time of certificate issue.)

Working papers are issued every time a student secures new employment, providing they are under the age of 16. Please review the NH Department of Labor Guidelines that review the types of jobs students may or may not hold, and the hours they may work.

Students who are 16 and 17 years of age, are NOT required to obtain working papers (see guidelines), but they ARE required to have a Parental Permission to Employ form completed and on file with the students' employer. The KRHS Guidance Department is not involved with these forms. We are NOT able to issue working papers for 16 and 17 year olds, if an employer requests this please direct them to the NH Labor Laws, which they should have on file or can view via this web site.

PLEASE plan ahead! Only the KRHS Guidance Department can issue working papers in this area, and therefore please note our hours of operation, especially during summer vacation, as when our department is closed, working papers can not be processed.